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When a purchase is to be made on LikePets.co.uk, it's conditioned by the customer having read and accepted the Terms of Service below. When the user checks the field "I accept the Terms of Service", this is to be considered an agreement between you and LikePets.co.uk. Afterwards both LikePets.co.uk and you are bound by the terms. The purchase agreement is an agreement between you (the advertiser) and LikePets.co.uk (the ad broker).


Upon payment you agree to let LikePets.co.uk capture the amount that's agreed upon based on the selected service, either from your credit card or mobile bill. As soon as the payment is completed, the service will be available on LikePets.co.uk. Since your service is activated right after the payment, there is no right of withdrawal for the purchase. The service will be available in the specified period and can't be cancelled. If your user is requested to be deleted, the remaining period of the service will be lost. Any form of online payment transaction is completed using an encrypted connection. This means your payment information such as your credit card can't be intercepted by others. An encrypted connection can be recognized by the status bar in your browser, where there will be a green icon of a lock, indicating the connection is secure. In order to provide a maximum security of your credit card information, LikePets.co.uk don't save your credit card information. After signing up to a subscription, you will receive a confirmation via email.

Conditions for recurring subscription and cancellation

When completing the purchase process, you also accept that LikePets.co.uk are allowed to capture the recurring amount as per the selected service and subscription. The selected subscription will automatically renew until you cancel your subscription under "My profile -> My benefit package -> Cancel benefit package". You can also contact us through our support system, which you can find here: likepets.co.uk/support/create-ticket or via our email: [email protected]. Be aware, for technical reasons, it's not possible to cancel your subscription the first 24 hours.


The benefit package only costs 1 GBP for the first 3 days and afterwards 39 GBP per month, which will be captured automatically until you cancel your subscription. It can always be cancelled under "My profile -> My benefit package -> Cancel benefit package. You can cancel your subscription already after 24 hours.

Procedure for renewal and deletion of payment method

If your credit card is blocked, we consider it a cancellation of the package. That means you'll be able to use the service for the remainder of the period you paid for. Afterwards, you can use another card to recreate your subscription, if you wish to do so.


All prices are including VAT.

Delivery and time of delivery

The ordered product or service is instantly delivered after payment. The amount will be captured from your payment method right away.

Right of withdrawal

According to the Consumer Contracts Act, you have 14 days right of withdrawal on online purchases, but only if you haven't taken the product into use. Therefore, if you wish to use your right of withdrawal, you must right away after your purchase create a support ticket stating that you wish to use your right of withdrawal and log off, until you receive a reply. It's important you don't take the service into use. If the service has already been taken into use, you can't use your right of withdrawal, but you can always cancel your recurring subscrition, so you won't pay for an additional period.

Rules for advertising

To ensure the content of a listing is not offensive in any way, the content of the listing must be written in a proper tone.

  • Harassment
  • Invalid accusations etc.
  • Threats of violence
  • Pornographic content
  • Encouraging illegal actions
  • Racism or any other form of discrimination


LikePets.co.uk mediates the contact between seller and purchaser and is not a part of the actual transaction of a pet/product or service. LikePets.co.uk does not provide any form of warranty or insurance in connection with a sale/purchase. The trade/transaction is therefore the involved parties' own responsibilities. LikePets.co.uk is not liable in any way for any loss or damage, that may occur in connection with the services offered by LikePets.co.uk. LikePets.co.uk is also not liable for any damage or loss that may occur following: site downtime or missing access to any of the systems made available by LikePets.co.uk.

Legislative intervention

Terrorism or vandalism (including computervirus and hacking), riot, sabotage, war or natural disasters, strikes, lockouts, boycotts, blocks, regardless of the conflict being aimed or initiated by LikePets.co.uk themselves or their organization and regardless of the reasons for the conflicts. This is also the case, even when the conflict only has a partial effect on LikePets.co.uk. Other conditions, circumstances and force majeure of any kind, which is outside of LikePets.co.uk's control.


The agreement terminates, when the period of the purchased service expires or the listing is deleted.

Change of terms

LikePets.co.uk reserve the right to change these terms with a 14 days notice. An email regarding the changes will be sent to your registered email address and/or will be publically available on LikePets.co.uk.