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About aims to be UK's largest and not least smartest portal for pets. What makes smart is the fact that all pets, that current owners are looking to pass on in all of the United Kingdom, are all displayed at the same site - on We strive to make the market transparent, so it's easy for you to find exactly the right match for a pet for your family. At you can easily and securely search for the pet you're looking for. Each party involved in the trade will simply be matched. It's a safe place for both you, who's looking to pass on your pet, as well as for you, who's looking to get a pet. When you're trading or passing on pets, it's important that the process makes you feel safe, which is why we're taking a small compensation fee for being an ads broker between purchaser and seller. The fee ensures there's no junk inquiries.

This is how it works is easy to use. You can create free pet listings with us, but you're also able to search amongst thousands of listings, if you're looking for a pet of any kind. With, regardless of you being seller or purchaser, you will be validated, so both parties can feel safe and secure through the entire process. If you have any questions, it's always possible to get in touch with our customer service. At, you're always in the best hands and every day, we do our best to ensure your pet is passed on to the best possible match. We're the safe link between two parties looking to respectively pass on their pet and purchase a pet.

Vi live and breath for our customers

At we live and breath for our customers and that's why it's so important for us, that our customers are having a nice and safe experience, when using our portal. We make sure to guide both parties through the process, ensuring all parties have a great experience with the process of passing on their pet, or purchasing a pet.