What can your dog eat

What can your dog eat?

Dogs are important parts of any dog lover, and therefore they are always curious about how they can keep them happy and satisfied. There are many ways to keep a canine happy, but the most effective way is to take care of a dog's nutritional needs. A healthy dog means a happy dog, and dog owners should always keep this in mind. But owners need to be aware of what kind of food they can feed their dogs. Unfortunately, it is hard for owners to learn about all the food they can give to dogs, which is why we are here.


What kind of food is beneficial for dogs?

Dogs are primarily carnivorous animals meaning that they require meat-based products to meet their dietary needs. Therefore, any meals reserved for dogs must have protein sourced from meats in them. Dogs need to be fed meat-based protein daily to keep their bodies away from harm. Proteins are important for the well-being of our canine friends as these proteins are needed in the making of muscle, enzymes, nerve cells, bones, and in almost all the essential biochemical reactions taking place in the canine body.


Other than proteins, dogs require several other nutrients, and dog owners can offer fruits, veggies, and other food products to their dogs to provide them with those nutrients. These nutrients include many essential vitamins and minerals. Essential means that dogs cannot synthesize these nutrients on their own and therefore rely on their food for those nutrients. Some of those nutrients are as follows



•                    Vitamin A

•                    Vitamin B complex

•                    Vitamin C

•                    Vitamin D

•                    Iron

•                    Calcium

•                    Magnesium

•                    Phosphorus

•                    Potassium


The nutrients mentioned above are only some of the dogs' essential nutrients.


So, we are trying to tell you that you can easily feed your four-legged best friend any food product that contains proteins and the nutrients mentioned above as long as those food products are not toxic or harmful for dogs.


What kind of food should you never give to dogs?

 To understand what kind of food your dog can eat, we think it is equally crucial for owners to be aware of all the unfit foods for dogs. This will help dog owners take better care of their canine friends.



Dogs should never be fed food that is high in carbohydrates or fats, as this can expose dogs to dangerous levels of calories. These calories can make dogs highly obese, and this obesity can make dogs susceptible to various diseases, including heart-related complications, renal problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes, to count a few. Therefore, you should keep your dog away from dairy products, baked products, and oily products.


Feeding your dog food that is hard to chew and can cause intestinal blockages might also not be a good idea. These include dry fruits that are not cracked open, fruits that have a dense pit, and veggies that are hard to digest. Feeding your dog all these can cause the following diseases in dogs.



•                    Gastritis

•                    Gastroenteritis

•                    Celiac Diseases

•                    Crohn's disease

•                    Gallstones

•                    Fecal incontinence

•                    Lactose intolerance

•                    Hirschsprung disease

•                    Abdominal adhesions

•                    Barrett's esophagus

•                    Appendicitis

•                    Indigestion (dyspepsia)

•                    Intestinal pseudo-obstruction

•                    Pancreatitis

•                    Short bowel syndrome

•                    Whipple's disease

•                    Zollinger-Ellison syndrome

•                    malabsorption syndromes

•                    Hepatitis


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